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Blank Labels For CD & DVD

Advantages of Blank Labels on CD and DVD

The use of blank CD and DVD have now become common place, with the cost of the discs decreasing, and the speed of burning increasing. Along with the ease of creating these discs comes the problem of cataloging and storing. It is easy to see stacks of barely identifiable CD's or DVD's in drawers, desks or even placed back in the spools that it came in. This leads losing or damage of the discs.

Labeling the CD and DVD discs can help solve these problems. With blank labels, you can easily create custom, professional looking discs that are both easy to identify and protects the upper layer from being scratched.

Cataloging Your CD or DVD
It is common to see the use of markers on CD and DVD to identify and catalog them, and even then the markers are all the same color. The discs are then placed in piles or in shelves. Even though they have been given their unique name, they all look the same. It is very difficult to at a glance see the disc and know what the content is. With labels, it is easy to give a unique appearance to each disc that will not only help to identify one cd from another, but to also catalog them in groups of similar CDs. For example. All my music cd will have an image of a music note on them. All my move discs will have a picture of a camera.

Protecting Your CD or DVD
Many people have the misconception that only the bottom of the CD being scratched is the problem. In actuality, if the bottom of the CD is scratched, it is possible to still recover it by buffing it or using a CD recovery kit. It is only a matter of getting the bottom of the CD smooth again. However, if the top of the CD is scratched, this leads to actual damage to the data on the disc. If you have a blank cd, try scratching the top of the CD. You will see that when the top layer is scratched off, you can see through the disc. The actual data storing part of the CD is then irreversibly damaged. With a use of the blank labels, you will have an added protective cover over this area.

The Professional Touch
CD labels can also be used to enhance the presentation of your CD and DVD. Whether you are creating a photo CD or a video DVD of your summer trip, wedding, or recording your own music album, with CD labels, you can give your CDs a professional feel at low costs. If you are a business and have your promotional material on a CD or DVD, or sell a product that is on a disc, why not use the CD labels to enhance the impressiveness of your product. With a help of easy to use software for cd labels, or any graphics software, creating memorable cd labels are cheep and easy.

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