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Four Common uses for Laser Labels

blank labels

Laser labels are known to be more durable than inkjet labels and are commonly available on 8-1/2 x 11 sheets.  Featuring a face stock of paper or plastic and an adhesive sandwiched between the face stock and the liner, laser labels are specifically made for the laser printer.

Below is our list of most common uses for laser labels:

1.     Create great looking laser labels for blank CD labels and CD and DVD labels for your next CD or movie at  Custom blank CD labels can also be used for organization purposes.  


2.     Customize your address and mailing letterhead with blank address labels from  Whether you have an invite, a letter, or bill to send out,blank address labels can make it so much easier.  Gone are the days of handwriting your address over and over again.  Purchase our sheet labels and we’ll do all the work for you.


3.     Use our blank labels when shipping boxes, large envelopes for personal or business uses. Laser labels are the top choice for your shipping label needs. Whether shipping with USPS, UPS or any other carriers, we make it easy to print the shipping labels you need with our blank printer labels.


4.     Have you ever had a time when you thought that labeling something would help you to be organized and efficient in your day-to-day?  So have we!  That’s why we offer laser labels and blank printer labels for item identification and organization.  If you have tangled wires, cluttered cabinets or scattered files around the office, purchase our laser labels to make your boxes, files and home items easier to identify.

There are so many more uses for laser labels than what we’ve even listed here!  It truly is up to your imagination.  Let us know what you use your laser labels for.  If you have a unique use for it, we will gladly feature you on our blog & Facebook! Come buy laser labels at today!


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