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Multipurpose Blank Labels

Blank adhesive labels can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from addressing envelopes to creating simple name tags for people to wear for the purpose of introductions at a social event. Blank labels which have good adhesive backings will stick to fabric, plastic and a wide variety of other materials, and you can order labels which are made for versatility online, via specialty label manufacturers and suppliers. Labels of all shapes and sizes can be found by category, and can be ordered in bulk.

Customizing Blank Labels with Templates

A simple template printed in an ordinary word-processing program can be used to make plain labels more attractive – a border can be printed in addition to text for a label for a homemade product that requires simple labeling for identification purposes. Blank labels can be purchased for laser printers as well as inkjet printers online, and you can find glossy as well as matte labels in an endless assortment of variants.