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Home Offices and Filing

For individuals that have some sort of home office, organization and proper filing is important, no matter what you use an office in your home for. Everyone has their own way of keeping their paperwork in order. An important aspect in keeping your home office in order is to invest in custom labels. There’s a number of labels that are available and we supply every label you may need. From keeping track of inventory with file folder labels and using color labels to code your paperwork, our business labels, CD and DVD labels and blank address labels, Bega Label can help keep you organized and increase efficiency in your home and office.

Our file folder labels come in a variety of sizes for any office use. We recommend our 3 x ⅝ filing labels for labeling document folders in your file cabinets. Individuals with offices benefit a great deal from having file folder labels, sheet labels and even custom labels for other items in the office. When you label everything, doing just that hikes your organization up and of course, it’s easier to remember where your items are and gives you a peace of mind. When your space is clean, so is your mind. offers a large inventory of materials and colors for blank sheet labels that are compatible with laser and inkjet printers. Coupled with low shipping prices and fast delivery, is your one-stop-shop for quality blank label sheets. Check out our inventory and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have about our products.