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Adhesive Shipping Label Supplies

Businesses such as online stores or private courier companies which perform their own shipping may require a constant stream of adhesive label supplies for addressing packages and filling out invoice information. Adhesive shipping label products can be ordered online, in bulk orders, for sizeable discounts which lower the cost per individual label considerably. Shipping labels can be ordered in various sizes, along with labels for regular mailing and blank labels for a host of other purposes.

Laser Printer Compatible Shipping Label Products

Laser and inkjet printers differ entirely in their printing technology, thus it is important to purchase laser printer labels which are compatible with your system if you use laser equipment. A laser printer generates substantial heat in running, thus it is necessary to obtain labels which have been designed to withstand these high temperatures. Specialty label manufacturers can provide you with shipping label products as well as other types of labels that are compatible with inkjet as well as laser systems.