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Mailing Labels At

One of the greatest features of our website,, is our whole section devoted to articles, resources, and tutorials in order to give you the best idea of which product you need and how to use it. For example, we have an entire tutorial designed to instruct you on how to properly print your labels that you order from us. We also have a section entitled "Label Application and Uses", which includes the most common functions and uses of address labels, audio labels, bookplate labels, candle labels, mailing labels and many more.

At BegaLabel. Com, we have a very generous return policy. You may return unopened and unused stock products from our website within 30 days of the purchase date with a full refund. Returns could not be more simple on our website. Simply fill out a Return Material Authorization for to receive an RMA number, and print it out. Then just send it to the address provided on our website along with the product you wish to return, such as a bundle of mailing labels and leave the rest to us.

When you make a purchase through our online store, all shipments are made through UPS. Same day shipping is available for most items, such as mailing labels, depending on what time of day they are ordered. At, we are devoted to bringing you only fair prices, which is why our shipping costs are identical to the quotes gives to us by UPS. We charge only what they charge, because we want to earn your money the ethical way. To find out how much you will be charged for shipping, simply click on the "get shipping cost" link in your cart before you check out.

Our priority and pride at is our customer service. We are very concerned with how user friendly our website is, so one thing we stress is that you know exactly what you will be receiving before you order it. Although our return system is very simple, we would rather not have to use it. This is why we offer sample templates for every mailing label that we sell, so you can view a sample of exactly what it is that you are ordering before you pay for it.

At, we are dedicated to bringing every one of your labeling needs straight to your doorstep, through an easy to use system at a fair and competitive price. Whether you need mailing labels, inkjet labels, or any other, we have everything you need sorted by template, so your shopping experience will be easier than ever.